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Concrete Home Decor

Nov. 14th

Happy Friday! When I saw reference to using concrete in the home over on This Is Glamorous I wasn’t sure if I am honest… until I saw the photos! Just look how cool concrete can be is used in the right way…


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous


This Is Glamorous

What do you think? Which is your favourite? I love the lights and the big kitchen table at the top. I think for me I would want touches of it rather than a whole house as it may be slightly cold? I suppose as long as you have efficient heating that would not be an issue?

Have a fab Friday and I shall be back soon :) xx

Mulberry Christmas Advert

Nov. 13th

Afternoon all, how is your week going so far? It is already Thursday so thats good news?!

Have you seen this Mulberry Christmas advert? Love it…


I am hoping that there is lots of Mulberry under the tree for me this year! Or even just one thing would do, am not greedy!

Have a great Thursday and I shall be back soon :) xx

20% off at Ted Baker

Nov. 12th

Morning all. Don’t know about you but I love Ted Baker and usually always want pretty much everything in every single collection. So obviously very excited to hear that they are at the moment offering 20% off online and in store. It is on from 5pm today until Friday 14 November online and Thursday and Friday in store so be quick! Just enter 20DAY at checkout.


I love all of the knitwear and party stuff – exactly what I need at the moment. I love all of the Christmas gift accessories too. I think I will get some Christmas shopping done whilst there is 20% off.

Have a fab day and I shall be back soon :) xx

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

Nov. 11th

Have you seen this years John Lewis Christmas advert? If not you must stop what you are doing right now and just watch it, it is so good. Its the story of Sam and his penguin friend Monty…

Isn’t it cute?! I cry every time! I bet the sale of cuddly penguins is going to be up this year too, especially as you can actually buy Monty and Mabel from John Lewis.

What do you think? Do you get as excited as me about all the big Christmas adverts? I am also loving the M&S and Mulbery Christmas ads, which I will posting sometime later this week.

Have a great day and I shall be back soon :) xx

Too Cute

Nov. 10th

Morning all and happy Monday! After a little break away from the blog, I am back and raring to go! Too Cute has always been one of my favourite features, so a good place to start…

Aww so cute! I want an owl!

If you have a cute or funny photo of your pet then please email me to be considered for Too Cute, I would love to hear from you.

Have a good Monday and I shall be back soon :) xx

Image via Pinterest.

Obsessed… Champagne Ice Lolly

Jul. 29th

As you may have seen last week I have a few new feature on the blog – Obsessed! It will be a regular post on something that I love/want/need in my life and there is always something so I will never be short of ideas!

Have you seen these new Champagne Ice Lolly’s from Pops?! How fab are these – I could so use one right now!


Daily Mail

They are made with 37% champagne and only contain 100 calories. Each lolly is around half a unit of alcohol, which is about the same as half a glass of champagne and the cool push up lollies are only £5 each.

They are being sold at events and festivals at the moment but Pops are apparently in talks with Selfridges about stocking them. Hopefully there will eventually be a few stockists.

Have a great day and I shall be back soon :) xx

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Jul. 28th

I was so excited to see this new trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie! It is out on Valentines Day 2015, so a while to wait but worth it I am sure. I can just imagine that week cinemas across the country are going to be overflowing with women, haha!

What do you think of all of this Fifty Shades hype? Did you read the books? I have read the books but did not jump on the bandwagon immediately! I eventually gave in and started to read the first one and nearly stopped, but I carried on and ended up addicted until I had read them all.

I am looking forward to the movie, although I do think Charlie Hunnam would have been a better Christian Grey than Jamie Dornan – although to be fair he is already growing on me so I am sure we will all get used to him! I was not sure about Dakota Johnson as Anastasia either, but after watching the trailer I think she will probably be good? What do you think?

Have a great day and I shall be back soon :) xx

Wedding Wednesday – Keeping Your Guests Cool

Jul. 23rd

Happy Wedding Wednesday! So with all this hot and humid weather we are having I think it is worth having a look at ways to keep yourself and your guests cool. There is nothing worse than being too hot at a wedding, with your dress sticking to you, your hair going frizzy and your makeup starting to melt!

Ice Cream

Ice cream and ice lollys would be perfect to cool people down in hot weather and its good because you can also make a feature out of it – set up a help yourself stand or hire in a fab vintage ice cream van.


Style Me Pretty

Pimhill Barn Wedding photos creative reportage fun

Albert Palmer

Fans & Hats

Whenever I am hot the first thing I do is fan myself, so I think these are a must for a hot wedding. They can double up as your order of service or programs too which is nice. The men may feel a bit funny about fanning themselves with pretty girly fans, so maybe some hats for them?


Weddings Illustrated


Wistful Weddings


Parasols are pretty and great for keeping the sun off. You could colour coordinate them with your wedding colours too. You can hire them in, or even buy them so that guests can take them home as favours.




Me & You Lookbook

Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are obviously a must (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and again why not make a feature out of it – I love these ideas below using an old bath and a wheelbarrow!


Style Me Pretty


Wedding Chicks

The Essentials

Not sure about you but usually my bag at a wedding can hardly even fit my phone in it, never mind the hot day essentials such as deodorant, hairspray, anti humidity hair spray, face blotting papers, makeup, hairbrush, wet wipes, plasters, safety pins etc! I always think it is a nice touch when these things are left for gusts to use in the bathrooms – you can put it all in a pretty basket, or in glass apothecary jars.


Wedding Thingz


A Lacey Perspective

What do you think – do you have any other ideas? I really like the fans – especially if you double them up as your order of service.

Have a great Wedding Wednesday and I shall be back soon :) xx

Make It Delightful – Beachwear

Jul. 21st

As you know, this Make It Delightful feature is a collection of DIY Tutorials and How To’s for those who fancy getting a bit crafty and today, with my summer holiday not far off, I am looking at holiday or beachwear DIY.

Please click on the link below each photo to find out how to make your own.


DIY Beach Bag via Something Turquoise


Cotton Wrapped Sunglasses & Bracelets via Bloglovin


DIY Flip-flops via BuzzFeed

What do you think of today’s Make It Delightful? I love that bag and actually need a beach bag for my holiday. The flip flops look pretty cool like that too.

If you have or can make something and would like to show the rest of us how, then please get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely day and I shall be back soon :) xx

Holiday Booked at Last – Bodrum, Turkey

Jul. 16th

Does anyone else really struggle with finding the right holiday to book? I have spent weeks trawling the internet for the right holiday and have only just managed to get it sorted. I know its great that I am actually going on holiday (so should probably stop moaning!) but I do wish the booking of it was just a little bit easier and less time consuming!

I even went into an old school travel agent at one point as I was that fed up of looking and the women just sat and trawled through her screen the same as I had been doing and seemed to know even less than me!


oh, hello friend

Anyway, moan over. I am actually really excited now that we have booked Bodrum in Turkey for a week in August. I was looking for somewhere with a bit of culture, that is pretty with nice beaches, with good restaurants and bars – BUT without your mass of 18-30 package holidayers and British pubs. I think Bodrum ticks all of the boxes – so excited!


Bodrum, Turkey via Pinterest


Bodrum, Turkey via Pinterest


Bodrum, Turkey via Facebook

Doesn’t it look pretty! I cannot wait to get out there and actually feel like it is very well deserved, and needed! What about you – where are you off to this Summer? Have you been to Bodrum? Would love some bar, restaurant, beach and sight seeing recommendations so please leave a comment if you have been.

Have a lovely day and I shall be back soon :) xx

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