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St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tanner

May 24, 2016

I would like to think that I am a so called English Rose, but in reality I am just vampire white. I know that if I am to get my legs and arms out at all this summer, then I need some colour and quick! Some people look great (and more importantly don’t care) if they don’t have a tan, but personally I just feel better with a bit of colour. Especially when getting the old pasty legs out – it just makes me feel that little bit more confident.

So I thought I would try this new St Tropez In Shower – a gradual tanning lotion that you apply in the shower. I have used the standard St Tropez a lot in the past so I knew it would work – I just did not think it would be as good as it is!

It is very easy to use and in fact I would say it is almost idiot proof! I say this because my sister has always been rubbish with fake tan – she is too haphazard in her application and just slaps it on… wondering why she has patches and streaks! I told her that this is safe even for her to use and that is saying something!

download (1)

To use it you just wash as normal and I then turn the shower off which I think makes it easier. You just apply it straight onto wet skin wherever you want it – rubbing it around so it lathers slightly (that’s how you see where you have put it). Then wash your palms and wait for 3 minutes. Once your 3 minutes is up rinse it off, get out and pat dry – don’t wash it off, just rinse.

I have used it 5 times now (over about 8 days) and I am really pleased with the colour and easy application. I will be using this all summer – 100%.

So if you too need a bit of colour then give this a go – I would definitely recommend it. You can get it over at LookFantastic for £11.60 (usual price £14.50).

Have a good morning and I shall be back soon xx

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Olivier Rousteing teams up with NikeLab

May 23, 2016

Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing has teamed up with Nike to bring us – “NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau” collection. I love the very distinct look of Balmain and was actually a bit surprised when I heard that Olivier Rousteing was teaming up with Nike – just because I would not have really associated him with sportswear I suppose. However just like everything else he does – it is fabulous!


Olivier Rousteing for Nike

The collection includes stuff for women and men and here is a glimpse of what we can expect. I love all the black and gold – its very glam and hopefully it will encourage me to get to the gym…







Isn’t it fab! The collection is available to buy at NikeLab from 2 June, so get it in the diary.

Have a good afternoon and I shall be back soon xx

Delightful Finds, Too Cute

Too Cute

May 23, 2016

Did you know that “panda hugger” is an actual real life job? I didn’t either until recently. How amazing would that be to just cuddle baby pandas all day – where do I apply?! Imagine how chilled and happy your life would be.

As I know most of you will not be experiencing that kind of joy this Monday morning, here is a dose of cuteness to brighten up your day…



Have a good day and I shall be back soon xx

Antics of Me, Delightful Finds

Delightful Words

May 22, 2016

I have a Pinterest folder full of quotes – some funny, some sad and some just true. I post one most Sundays, in this Delightful Words feature, so that I can share them with you – so please do let me know what you think and how each quote may relate to you on that particular day.


Wise words! Have a great Sunday and I shall be back soon xx

Image via Etsy – it is actually a print that you can buy.

Delightful Finds, For Foodies

Acai Coconut Bowls

May 21, 2016

Morning all – how gorgeous do these acai coconut bowls look! The lucky ladies at Design Love Fest were invited to Amazebowls (in Los Angeles) for lunch and what a pretty lunch it was. They had coconut bowls filled with super healthy acai and then a table full of yummy toppings for them to choose from including chai seeds, edible flowers, fresh fruit, homemade granola, hemp seeds and coconut flakes. This kind of thing makes healthy living much less of a chore for me!


Design Love Fest


Design Love Fest


Design Love Fest

How pretty and yummy do they look – healthy too! Need to get myself some coconuts!

Have a lovely Saturday and I shall be back soon xx

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