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Autumn is Here & I’m Ready for Winter

October 27, 2016

After a very boringly mild September (and most of October) we are at last seeing signs of Autumn. I love the colder seasons of Autumn and Winter and so as soon as September arrives I am ready for roaring fires and cosy jumpers – although I usually have to wait a bit longer than that unfortunately!

Anyway, now Autumn is here, the pretty ponies and floral smells don’t seem quite right in the house and so I have been shopping for some more seasonal bits and pieces…


I love The White Company all year round but it is especially fabulous at this time of year with its gorgeous candles, fragrances, throws and cashmere. I love their Winter fragrance range and so bought the large candle and diffuser – my house smells beautifully festive!



How about you – what are you doing to get ready for Autumn and Winter? Or are you one of those still hanging on to summer for dear life?!

Have a fab day and I shall be back soon xx

Post sponsored by Ocean Finance.

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Phobophobia – The Ventriloquists Nightmare

October 25, 2016

So last week I went to a special Halloween event at the London Bridge Experience called Phobophobia – The Ventriloquists Nightmare.


It is meant to terrify you (in a fun way!) and it certainly did do that! I love a good horror film and so I would not say I scared easily, but my heart was racing, I had sweaty palms and even though you know it’s not real it is still scary!

You are taken deep down under London Bridge and into the London Tombs (which is exciting in itself) and you are taken on a hellish trip through over 2000 years of terrifying history. It takes a good 20 – 30 minutes to walk (or run!) around the whole thing (is all 1 way) and it is a trip to bash all of the senses – there is music, scary sounds, screaming, smoke, horrible smells, scary clowns, a room full of white mannequins where the odd one suddenly comes to life, chainsaw wielding madmen and lots more! I loved it, haha!

attractiontix-phobophobia-event-38 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-34 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-33 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-29 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-27 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-24 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-18 attractiontix-phobophobia-event-10

They also had rescue snakes there on the evening I went and they were a great addition. Not scary for me though as I quite like snakes! This guy was super friendly and very chilled out…


A blogger/press event is not an event without a photobooth and they did not disappoint! There were loads of fab props and my photographer friend Jemma Watts and I got properly involved, as you do…


I would definitely recommend a visit here – it was so much fun, even if I was terrified! Just don’t go alone…

You can book tickets online here via AttractionTix, although be quick as it finishes on 31 October.

Have a fab day and I shall be back soon xx

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Jo Malone – Jo Loves

October 11, 2016

The best thing about being ill and staying home (just tonsillitis, nothing serious!) is that you get to watch day time TV! I am sure that novelty would soon wear off but for the few days I was ill last week, I loved it. This Morning in particular is great, with Holly and Phil!

Anyway, whilst I was watching This Morning there was an interview with Jo Malone who was there to promote her new autobiography, My Story. Jo was talking about her life and how her battle with cancer led to her selling Jo Malone to Estee Lauder – a decision she very quickly regretted.

Following the sale Jo has been restricted in terms of what new ventures she could pursue, which is obviously a problem when the brand she sold holds her actual name! She was talking about all of that in the interview, which was so interesting – I am definitely getting the book.


Another thing I found fascinating was when she was talking about her magical sense of smell! She was saying that it is normal for people in her line of work to be able to pick out a specific flower used in a perfume – but she can tell you where it grew and when it was picked (amongst other things!) just by the smell! Crazy!

Happily, Jo does now have a new venture and it is as fabulous as the last – Jo Loves – “an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves.”


Visit the Jo Loves shop on Elizabeth Street, London where Jo had her first job as a florist when she was just 16 years old! No 42 The Flower Shop fragrance is a celebration of that fact…


No 42 The Flower Shop


Elizabeth Street, London

I have always been a massive Jo Malone fan and always have a candle in the house. Can see myself heading that way with Jo Loves too now!

Have a lovely morning and I shall be back soon xx

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Eyebrow Microblading

September 19, 2016

I always thought I had quite good eyebrows when I was younger – I have a natural arch (which I am told is a good thing) and the eyebrow hair is black so what is there, you can clearly see. It was fashionable when I was at school and even Uni to have quite thin eyebrows and so being the fashion slave that I am, I plucked mine to near extinction and so now they don’t really grow back properly outside the thin line I had left! Maybe now also being in my thirties has got something to do with it – is thinning eyebrows an age thing? Probably!

So, a few years later, along comes Cara Delevingne with her beautiful big bushy eyebrows and suddenly big eyebrows are in! Bugger! Not that I don’t like big eyebrows, because I do, its just I don’t naturally have them anymore so what’s a girl to do! Well this girl did what most others did and drew them on. This worked to the extent that I had fuller bigger eyebrows, however I did get a bit carried away sometimes and would catch sight of myself in changing room mirror and get a bit of a fright. Being quite pale doesn’t help either when you draw on big dark eyebrows as you can see from this selection of pics…


So anyway, I had heard of eyebrow tattooing and I had seen a few bad examples which had put me off. I think they used to (and some still do) just tattoo one solid eyebrow on to your face, which usually looks as fake as drawing it on – it just means you don’t have the hassle of doing it every day. What I had done is called microblading where they use a thin tattoo needle to tattoo individual hairs and you can see the results from the before and after pics below (excuse the tired, hungover, makeup free face!!)…


I am so happy with them I cannot tell you. I spent an absolute fortune on every eyebrow pencil and utensil that came out, trying to draw on the perfect brow, but none of them really looked or worked that well. I had seen lots of before and after photos of people who had the microblading done before I did it, so I knew it was going to be good, I just didn’t realise it would be this good.

Without wanting to sound too dramatic (which of course I never am!) it has actually changed my life! I love the look of them and it makes my makeup free face (which is not seen often!) look so much better. It also shaves quite a bit of time off my morning makeup routine which is good, because I am usually always running late!


Me falling asleep whilst having it done!

A lot of people have asked if it hurts getting it done and I personally didn’t think it did. It was a little uncomfortable at times but I was fine and it is definitely less painful than a normal tattoo. It does take quite a long time (good few hours) and I was quite hungover and tired, so I did nod off a few times lying on the bed – hence the tired makeup free face in the pics!

I had mine done whilst I was abroad on holiday (at a place recommended by a family friend) but there are lots of places in the UK you can get it done. It usually costs around £280 in the UK and will last 12 – 18 months, after which time you will need a little top up. Just make sure you do your research before you book anywhere, as you want someone properly qualified with lots of experience.

What do you think? Have you had this done or are you thinking about it? Do you suffer from thinning eyebrows like me?

Have a lovely afternoon and I shall be back soon xx

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Too Cute

September 19, 2016

Morning all and I hope you had a lovely weekend? Did you do anything exciting? I had a quiet one which was nice – mainly just shopping for my Autumn wardrobe which is exciting! I am definitely happier now the weather is fresher and the heatwave has gone. People thing I am crazy longing for Autumn and Winter but I really do prefer the colder seasons – the fashion of course is better, but also the crisp cold days and cosy nights, the candles, fires and skiing holidays – oh and Christmas obviously!

Anyway, here is your Monday morning dose of cuteness to have with your coffee…


Ahhh, so cute! I love bunnies.

Have a good Monday and I shall be back soon xx

Image via A World of Bunnies.

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