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Heavenly Homes – Rainbow Pretty

March 22, 2012

Afternoon all. Hope you are having a lovely week? It is beautiful weather here in Winchester – lets hope it sticks around for the weekend!

Heavenly Homes today is all about colour. Perhaps it is the lovely Spring weather at the moment but I am really being drawn to pretty colourful things – anything really! Even random things like the spices on the inspiration board below – so beautiful.

People tend to stay away from too much colour in the home, probably worrying that it will be too much. Hopefully this post will show that colour is good – be brave and go for it! I would probably keep the walls neutral if going for lots of colour in a room though. Here is a bit of general colour inspiration that inspired the rest of this post.

1 – Ladies Photo Net,  2 – Lights The Berry,  3 – Spices Flickr,  4 – Stairs Flickr,  5 – Apples Dorpsstraat,  6 – Flowers Tiny White Daisies

What beautiful colours – and how amazing are those Scala stairs (in Germany)! Horst Glasker painted colour on the 112 stairs, and then stencilled a word describing the relationships between people – terror + love, prosecution + trust, despair + hope, revenge + kiss. Now a few ideas on how to use colour in the home –

You Are My Fave

Offbeat Home




Park & Cube 

Plenty of Colour

Colourful Life

Desire to Inspire 

In This 4 Walls

There is something about a bit of colour that makes me happy! I love the stairs and the colour coded books – which do you like best?

Have a good day and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

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