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Heavenly Homes – Vintage Suitcases

October 27, 2011

Good morning and I hope you are all well? I don’t know about you but I am struggling with these cold dark mornings. I have a lovely big, warm and cosy bed and when its still quite dark and icy cold as soon as you move the duvet, there is not much motivation to get up! I do it, but I don’t like it!

Anyway… the world has definitely gone crazy for all things vintage – and I must say, it has not passed me by! Also, obviously being a wedding planner (as well as a blogger) I am around vintage a lot, as it is a big trend in the wedding world.

For me the vintage thing started a while back when my husband bought me a vintage ring, from a little antique shop in Arundel – a very pretty little town full of antique shops, restaurants and galleries – love it. We are actually going again on Sunday for lunch – so more about it on Sunday & Me.

Heavenly Homes today is all about vintage suitcases and how they can be used in the home. I love vintage luggage and have recently started to collect it – despite my husbands complaints of hoarding! You can stack them and use as a table, make them in to chairs or pet beds or even just store stuff in them – a lot more interesting than a boring box!

1 – Craft storage seen on Pinterest (source unknown),  2 – White bedside stack from Eat Live Shop,  3 – Pet bed seen on I love my Apartment 4 – Bedside stack seen on Invoking Inspiration 5 – Suitcase chair from Underland,  6 – Bathroom cabinet seen on re-nest

I love the way they have made a chest of drawers by stacking them in the pic below and the wedding table plan displayed in the suitcase is always a popular one with my brides.

1 – Suitcase chair seen on We Heart It,  2 – Stack of drawers seen on Pinterest (source unknown),  3 – Wedding table plan seen on The Stockman Diaries,  4 – Bedside stack from Piorra Maison

What about you – are you a lover of all things vintage, or did it pass you by? Anyone done anything cool with vintage suitcases?

Have a good morning and I will be back this afternoon 🙂 xx

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  • Reply Lacy @ downMODERNhome.com October 27, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I am a fan of using items with a bit of history to fill a current need. It seems responsible and a great excuse for being creative 🙂

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