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Jo Malone – Jo Loves

October 11, 2016

The best thing about being ill and staying home (just tonsillitis, nothing serious!) is that you get to watch day time TV! I am sure that novelty would soon wear off but for the few days I was ill last week, I loved it. This Morning in particular is great, with Holly and Phil!

Anyway, whilst I was watching This Morning there was an interview with Jo Malone who was there to promote her new autobiography, My Story. Jo was talking about her life and how her battle with cancer led to her selling Jo Malone to Estee Lauder – a decision she very quickly regretted.

Following the sale Jo has been restricted in terms of what new ventures she could pursue, which is obviously a problem when the brand she sold holds her actual name! She was talking about all of that in the interview, which was so interesting – I am definitely getting the book.


Another thing I found fascinating was when she was talking about her magical sense of smell! She was saying that it is normal for people in her line of work to be able to pick out a specific flower used in a perfume – but she can tell you where it grew and when it was picked (amongst other things!) just by the smell! Crazy!

Happily, Jo does now have a new venture and it is as fabulous as the last – Jo Loves – “an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves.”


Visit the Jo Loves shop on Elizabeth Street, London where Jo had her first job as a florist when she was just 16 years old! No 42 The Flower Shop fragrance is a celebration of that fact…


No 42 The Flower Shop


Elizabeth Street, London

I have always been a massive Jo Malone fan and always have a candle in the house. Can see myself heading that way with Jo Loves too now!

Have a lovely morning and I shall be back soon xx

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