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Make It Delightful – Bow Special

May. 1st

Morning all and happy Tuesday. After all my recent moaning about the weather I popped out yesterday afternoon and was shocked and stunned to see some blue sky and sun! It was 18 degrees – could not believe it! Not sure it will last though – is raining again now!

Today’s Make It Delightful feature is a bow special. Do you remember my Fashion Bows post?

Bow Top

This top is so pretty (seen on ShopBop) and I have a sparkly new top which has a back exactly like this, so I am going to try it out.

What you need – top, ribbon, needle and thread.

Felt Bow Hairbands

I am rarely seen without some kind of hair accessory – sparkly hair clip, pretty hair bobble or fancy hairband of some kind! I therefore obviously thought these were fab (seen on Gros Grain) and seem so easy to make.

What you need – felt, needle & thread and hair bands.

Scarf Flats

What a fabulous way to revamp some plain flats with a pretty scarf (seen on – there are so many options for flats and scarves out there at the moment at all ends of the budget, this should be easy for everyone. Please click here for instructions!

What you need – shoes, scarf, scissors, needle and thread.

What do you think of today’s Make It Delightful bow special? I love all three!

If you have or can make something and would like to show the rest of us how, then please get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

Have a good morning and I shall be back soon :) xx

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