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London & The Sanderson Hotel

November 7, 2011

Happy Monday all and I hope you had a great weekend? What did you get up to, anything exciting?

I must apologise for the blog silence over the last few days! As you may have read on the blog, after doing a wedding on Friday, I spent the rest of the weekend in London – which was a surprise trip booked for my birthday. I did not know where I was going until I got into London, but I was not disappointed! 

Sanderson Hotel

We were given the postcode and arrived to discover that we had been booked into the gorgeous Sanderson Hotel, not far from Regents Street! I love the giant vase of flowers that greets you at the entrance!

The hotel is quite tucked away and is not much to look at from the outside, but it is like a hidden gem! The “landmarked 50s building has been transformed by Philippe Starck into a surreal Cocteau-like dream world, epitomizing a “new luxury” that is smart, pared down, and tempered with a healthy dose of wit and irony.”

We walked in to the lobby from the grey London street and were met with gorgeous, chic, stylish fabulousness in every direction – I was not sure where to look first! So I just went around taking pics of everything – don’t worry I won’t bore you with them all!

I really wanted to sit on this hanging seat but knowing my luck it would have came crashing to the floor! 

Beautiful roses on the reception desk. I did get a few strange looks when taking a photo of these – but that is the life of a blogger (taking random photos)!

I loved this mirror hanging from the ceiling! “Starck’s visionary style mixes baroque and modern, juxtaposing Salvador Dali’s curvaceous red lips sofa with classic 60s mosaics and hand-carved African furniture with an oversized Louis XV armoire. The result blends wit, magic and surprise in an elegant balancing act of extravagance and pure simplicity.”

Asia De Cuba

After champagne and nibbles in the hotel, we all put our party frocks on, sparkled it up then got on our way to Asia De Cuba restaurant, which is in the St Martins Lane Hotel, in Covent Garden. The whole place was very cool – even the entrance lobby seen below.

I loved the gnome stools in the entrance lobby – great place to perch whilst we waited for our table.

The food was amazing – it “combines elements of Asian and Cuban cuisine served sharing-style”. The portions are huge in there and its great to pick a few different starters and mains and just share everything, which is what we did.

Asia De Cuba restaurant is “housed in a dramatically colonnaded space and Asia de Cuba’s innovative menu is matched in its surroundings by a dramatic series of soaring art columns.”  There were a variety of columns – some were covered in books, others in plants and some with framed art – they all looked fab!

Mahiki Bar

Next stop was the Mahiki Bar – a very cool cocktail bar just across the road from the Ritz. I have been here before, but love it every time and will definitely be going back! It is worth booking a table if you can – there is a minimum spend, but when there is a group of you it should not be hard to reach!

This is one of the sharer cocktails we had – that you drink straight from the coconuts! This is one of the best things about Mahiki – its all very visual – the cocktails all look fabulous and it just adds to atmosphere when you are sitting there drinking out of a giant cocktail filled treasure chest, divers helmet or coconuts! 

I love the pretty colourful Mahiki menus – with pics and descriptions of all of the fabulous cocktails. This is the place to go for a proper cocktail – none of that watery tasteless rubbish you get in a lot of places!

This is my sister Katie and I enjoying one of the big sharing cocktails (Treasure Chest I think)! Not sure how many we had had by this point – a fair few judging by the look on my face! Hehe! 🙂

Inevitable Hangover

At the end of most good nights comes the dreaded and inevitable hangover – and this was a very good night! I must say I have felt worse, but I was not at my best and the drive back to Winchester did NOT help!

For some reason I have always suffered with quite bad hangovers which seem to get worse throughout the day instead of better! Boring!

What do you think? Anyone been to any of these places? I had a great time and apart from the hangover – hope to be doing it again soon!

Sorry again for the lack of blogging over the weekend – back to normal from now! 🙂 xx

All photos are mine (Hence the rubbish photography!) apart from the last hangover image which was seen on All Things Bright & Beautiful.

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