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National Love Your Lingerie Day!

Aug. 21st

Afternoon all Рdid you know it is National Love Your Lingerie Day today?! To celebrate Marks & Spencer are offering 20% off their knickers until Thursday 23 August.

I love these “knicker facts” from M&S, hehe –

M&S sells 60 million pairs of knickers a year.

– If you could join up the fabric from all the knickers sold you could travel to Australia and back 175 times.

– If you lined up all the elastic used in the knickers sold at M&S in a year, it would travel up and down the country 80 times.

– If you had a pound for every knicker sold at M&S, you would be able to afford to buy Fernando Torres and put him in your Sunday football team.

Not sure about you, but I have in the past had a bit of a habit of saving my best lingerie (and clothes) for special occasions? I realised however that the special occasions do not come often enough and you end up with a load of “best” stuff that goes out of fashion or no longer fits. I have since scrapped this habit and make the most of wearing all of my lovely lingerie and clothes as much as possible. After-all, it gives us the perfect excuse for more shopping later on!

So, I think I will take this 20% off opportunity to invest in a few more pairs of “best” knickers – would be rude not to by the matching bra’s too! Pop over to the M&S website to see what you would like to add to your collection.

Happy National Love Your Lingerie Day and I shall be back soon! :) xx

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