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Halloween Inspiration

Oct. 28th

Afternoon and I hope you all enjoyed my Friday Favourites post this morning?

As its Halloween on Monday and Halloween Week on the blog I thought it would be nice to provide a little Halloween inspiration for those having parties or going out over the weekend in celebration of the spooky event. So below I have set out some party/decor inspiration, some food & drink inspiration and then some costume inspiration.

1 – Lace pumpkin from Better Homes,  2 – Witches legs from All You,  3 – Magic spell from Maison Ded Lilas,  4 – Trunk from Here Be Witches, 5 – Glitter pumpkins from Wedding By Colour,  6 – Piano from Carina Gardner

1 – Drinks table from Better Homes, 2 – Cake from Disney Dreaming, 3 – Drinks from Martha Stewart, 4 – Eat It sign from Eighteen 25,  5 – Drink Me sign from Etsy

1 – Red rose lady from Visualise Us,  2 – B&W photo from Bing, 3 – Spooky nails from Flickr,  4 – Pumpkin Witch from Halloween Forum,  5 – Black faced lady from a8

So what are you all doing this weekend? Any spooky Halloween celebrations? If so, I hope by inspiration boards have helped – if not, they are still pretty to look at! Either way, have a good one :) xx

Heavenly Homes – Vintage Suitcases

Oct. 27th

Good morning and I hope you are all well? I don’t know about you but I am struggling with these cold dark mornings. I have a lovely big, warm and cosy bed and when its still quite dark and icy cold as soon as you move the duvet, there is not much motivation to get up! I do it, but I don’t like it!

Anyway… the world has definitely gone crazy for all things vintage – and I must say, it has not passed me by! Also, obviously being a wedding planner (as well as a blogger) I am around vintage a lot, as it is a big trend in the wedding world.

For me the vintage thing started a while back when my husband bought me a vintage ring, from a little antique shop in Arundel – a very pretty little town full of antique shops, restaurants and galleries – love it. We are actually going again on Sunday for lunch – so more about it on Sunday & Me.

Heavenly Homes today is all about vintage suitcases and how they can be used in the home. I love vintage luggage and have recently started to collect it – despite my husbands complaints of hoarding! You can stack them and use as a table, make them in to chairs or pet beds or even just store stuff in them – a lot more interesting than a boring box!

1 – Craft storage seen on Pinterest (source unknown),  2 – White bedside stack from Eat Live Shop,  3 – Pet bed seen on I love my Apartment 4 – Bedside stack seen on Invoking Inspiration 5 – Suitcase chair from Underland,  6 – Bathroom cabinet seen on re-nest

I love the way they have made a chest of drawers by stacking them in the pic below and the wedding table plan displayed in the suitcase is always a popular one with my brides.

1 – Suitcase chair seen on We Heart It,  2 – Stack of drawers seen on Pinterest (source unknown),  3 – Wedding table plan seen on The Stockman Diaries,  4 – Bedside stack from Piorra Maison

What about you – are you a lover of all things vintage, or did it pass you by? Anyone done anything cool with vintage suitcases?

Have a good morning and I will be back this afternoon :) xx

Weird & Wonderful – Harry Potter Wedding!

Oct. 26th

As you know, its Halloween Week on the blog and what better on Wedding Wednesday than a spooky Harry Potter themed wedding?!

I love Harry Potter so think some of the details from this wedding are wonderful! Although, perhaps a bit weird and maybe a step too far to theme your wedding around it?! Fun to look at though :)

Love the Sorting Hat and Wand escort cards shown above! Would also love to get my hands on some of that Felix Felicis – if only it were real…

So, perhaps themeing your wedding is a bit OTT – but fab photos if you are a Harry Potter fan. What other crazy wedding themes have you seen?!

So I hope you have enjoyed Wedding Wednesday on the blog? Did you see the Sassi Holford post this morning? Have a good one and I will be back in the morrow :) xx

Images via Trendhunter

Fashion Bows

Oct. 25th

Good afternoon – how is your week going so far?

I don’t know about you, but I love a pretty bow! On anything really! Bows are one of those things that don’t really go out of fashion. The type and style of bow and the garments they adorn may change slightly, but a bow is a bow and I am glad! Fashion bows :)

1 – Hair bow seen on Hair Wars,  2 – Ring from Etsy,  3 – Gloves from Nonesuch Things,  4 – Skirt from Say Yes to Hoboken,  5 – Stockings seen on My Brother Mick,  6 – Dress from Martina Rosati 7 – Necklace from Marissa Barr

I could obviously not have a Fashion Bows post without looking at some pretty bow shoes! I love all of these and want a pair of each – it is nearly my birthday!

1 – Red shoes from Prepaganda,  2 – Brown shoes from Dust Jacket Attic,  3 – Grey shoes from Must Luvv Shoes,  4 – Nude shoes from Chiq,  5 – Sparkly shoes from This is Glamorous

All this talk of bows has made me hungry – I am off to find me one of these bow cupcakes! Seen on Pretty Little Dreams.

What do you think of bows in fashion? Any cool bow outfits of accessories to share?

Have a good afternoon and I shall be back tomorrow – got a great Wedding Wednesday lined up for you :) xx

Delightfully Clever

Oct. 25th

Good morning and welcome to the 2nd of this new feature – Delightfully Clever. Just in case you missed it last week, please click here to view. This feature will be a collection of things that are clever – ideas, products, thoughts or inventions. I quite often find myself saying/thinking clever when I come across a gem, so I thought why not share?!

These upside down wine glasses (seen on Emmaline Bride) are so pretty and simple – a single flower head and a candle for each and you have a pretty table arrangement – whether that be singly or in clusters as below.

Soup in a cup is not a new concept, I give you that, but soup in a pretty vintage cup is new to me! It seems obvious now – but what a good idea – makes a healthy soup lunch that little bit more exciting and is a great way to use your pretty vintage gems! Seen on Southern Living.

I don’t know about you, but I have a fair few pairs of shoes knocking around the place and a definite lack of space for them to live! Love this fab wall rack idea – looks great and solves a real problem! This was seen on Living in a Nutshell where you can find more info on how to make your own.

As its Halloween Week on the blog this week it would be rude not to give you some Halloweeny based cleverness! Loved these ones seen on Martha Stewart and What to Expect.

What do you think of today’s clever finds? What cleverness have you come across lately?

Have a lovely morning and I shall be back soon :) xx

Nearly 30…

Oct. 24th

In 1 week today – Halloween – I will be 30 years old! The Halloween part I love – it was always great when I was younger having Halloween birthday parties and even when I was not so young at Uni dressing up with all of my friends and taking over the Union! So, yes… I probably do have a bit of Witch in me, but I like that – it makes me unique 😉

The being 30 part I don’t love quite so much however! No offence to those already 30 or above – this is just my ramblings about how I feel – good and bad!

I know its not the end of the world and we all have to get older, its just that I quite like being in my 20’s and soon I will not be in my 20’s anymore – I will be in my 30’s – I will be nearly 40!! You have to admit – 30 sounds a lot older than 29?!

Over the last few weeks I have definitely noticed a few more lines around my eyes and my make-up goes on slightly differently in that area. Is this what happens – when the clock strikes 12 on my birthday – will it all be down hill?! What about you guys – do things change at 30, or is it all just good?!

That all said, there are also the positives. With age comes life and experience and I am definitely gaining that – its my 3rd wedding anniversary in December, my wedding planning business is going strong (Temple Gregory) and this new blog is also starting to take off. I am excited about the future and know I have lots to look forward to. Perhaps all of these things cannot be done in your 20’s?

My husband is already a few birthdays into his 30’s and he is Mr Horizontal anyway, so he is not bothered one bit! He has very good genes though and looks younger than he is! He says he is like a fine wine or cheese – getting better with age – hehe! I slap on the face serum and moisturiser twice a day and have always done this – so hopefully it will help?!

Not sure I want to be compared to a mouldy old Stilton?! I think I prefer the fine wine analogy – yep – I am like a fine wine!

So on reflection (its actually been quite therapeutic writing this post!) its not all bad – I just need to think about all of the fabulous things I have coming up. I wonder what my “Nearly 40…” blog post would say – will I be more relaxed about age by then (I will be able to afford botox by then – so all will be well!)?! Where will I be and what will I be doing?! Sure it won’t be long before I am there!

What do think? Any words of wisdom on how to approach your 30’s, or any funny stories about how you dealt with it?

Beckie :) xx

Images via Etsy, Sisters Stuff

Too Cute

Oct. 24th

Good morning all – I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Don’t weekends fly by far too quickly?! As usual however Too Cute is here to give you all a Monday morning smile :)

It is Halloween week on the blog this week – hence the witch kitten – so there will be some fun and pretty “Halloweeny” things going on to look forward to! I want one of these witch hats for bunny Winston!

I am making a bit of a thing of Halloween as Halloween is actually also my birthday – more about this later! :) xx

Image via Pinterest

Sunday & Me

Oct. 23rd

Afternoon and I hope you are all having a lovely weekend? I have had a, rare, super relaxing one which has been lovely.

I have mentioned my new UGG boots a few times on the blog last week and there have been a few requests for pics. Not one to disappoint my Delightful readers, here they are…

They are the new Maylin style and I love them – I have had extremely toasty feet this weekend! My husband took these pics on our Saturday afternoon walk around Winchester – for which we did get a few strange looks from passers by! Oh well!

Something else we got strange looks for was for me taking photos of random things in the Winchester Cath Kidston shop! I have realised that being a blogger, this is going to be a fairly regular occurrence as I like to try and capture things I am doing and seeing to show you on the blog – so I just need to deal with the funny looks I think – hehe!

How cool is their “whats upstairs” sign? It looks pretty and it talks of some of my favourite things – fashion, fabric, bags…

This is the view up the stairs – I love the multiple vintage style lampshade thing they have going on. This would also work well in the home – in the right hallway or room, so long as it was a big enough space. I really like the mismatched shades and flowery wallpaper.

I love Cath Kidston, but there is only so much of it my husband will allow in to the house, so I have to buy it when he is not there!! As well as shopping, photo taking, blogging and relaxing we also went for a lovely lunch at The Old Vine yesterday which was nice – a proper English pub :)

What about you – what have you been up to this weekend?

Anyone else super excited about Spooks (last ever!!) and Downton Abbey on TV tonight?!

Its Halloween Week this week on the blog, so make sure you stop by to see what I have in store. Some of you may know that Halloween is actually my birthday (30th this year!!!) so I will be talking more about that too! :) xx

Delightful Places – Japan

Oct. 22nd

Good morning and happy Saturday! What do we all have planned for today? I have a nice quiet relaxed one, which I am very excited about – as they are rare! What about you?

This Delightful Places feature is just a collection of pretty photos that inspire me to want to go somewhere. How amazing is this Cherry tree pond photographed at dusk. This is in Japan, which is somewhere I would love to go – such diverse history and culture – you could spend years learning and exploring. Love Japanese food too!

Have a great Saturday and I will be back soon :) xx

Image via Sun Surfer.

Happy… Happy… Happy!

Oct. 21st

Afternoon! Its already been a whole week since the official launch of this blog – how time flies! I just wanted to thank everyone again for all of your support and kind words and most of all for the fact that you seem to be coming back each day to read my posts! There is not much point having a blog if no one reads it, so thank you kindly! I hope you are all enjoying it, but do let me know if there is something you would like to see more/less of, or if you have any submissions.

So apart from writing this blog and you lot reading it – other things that have made me happy today are – weddings, Winston, my new UGG boots, chai latte now its cold again and the fact that its now Friday afternoon!

What is making you happy today?

For those of you who have not yet got your Halloween munchkins – don’t panic, Waitrose have millions!

Have a lovely weekend and I shall be back in the morrow :) xx

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