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Too Cute

October 31, 2016

Here is my little devil cat Louis for today’s Too Cute…


Isn’t he gorgeous! I am biased I know, but he is gorgeous!

Have a good day and I shall be back soon xx

Antics of Me, Delightful Finds, Fashion, Too Cute

Happy Birthday Choupette!

August 15, 2016

Life must be good for Choupette (Karl Lagerfelds cat) mustn’t it! She has 2 nannies (Françoise and Marjorie), eats Pate at the table and has her own iPad! Although lucky cat Choupette has made the Karl Lagerfeld brand millions, with Choupette being adorned over all sorts – bags, keyrings, clothes etc – so she certainly earns her treats and pampering!

Choupette is 4 today, so happy birthday Choupette! She is cutie – although don’t tell my Louis I said that!


Have a good Monday and I shall be back soon xx

Image via Huffington Post.

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