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Too Cute

Apr. 9th

Morning all and Happy Easter 🙂

What else could I show for today’s Too Cute but bunnies?! It is a bank holiday today, so this post is not really needed to cheer us up (as is the usual aim with Too Cute) – but it is Easter and I always love cute bunnies so here goes!

Christian Wallpapers

Aww, cute! Not sure my bunny Winston would appreciate being plonked in an egg though – or a basket!

As much as I love these cute pics, I definitely do not approve of people buying their kids bunnies for Easter, so I do hope that does not happen. Bunnies are very intelligent and loving beings that need lots of love and attention – they should not be put in a hutch and left on their own. My house bunny Winston is more like what people think of a dog being like – and we don’t put dogs in hutches at the bottom of the garden! Anyway – lecture over 😉

Have a lovely Easter Monday and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

Too Cute

Apr. 2nd

Morning all – how was your weekend? Get up to anything exciting? I am still in Dubai and having an amazing time (sorry!)!

Here is your Monday morning dose of cuteness – a bunny as it is Easter this weekend!

Look at that fluffy little bum – hehe! That is an impressive tail too!

Have a good morning and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

Image via The Daily Bunny.

Too Cute

Feb. 6th

Good morning all – how was your weekend? Mine was good, although I must say I am disappointed at the pathetic attempt at snow we had here in Winchester! I was all set for being snowed in – I had my wellies at the ready and I had panic bought extra water and frozen pizzas!

Here is your Monday morning dose of cuteness to cheer up this cold sludgy (or snowy for the lucky ones!) morning.

So cute! My bunny Winston (this is not him) got his first glimpse of the snow this weekend – he likes to have a snooze on the living room windowsill after his breakfast (creature of habit!) and yesterday morning was no different, except he came to a skidding stop when he jumped up and just sat and stared – was cute and funny!

Have a good morning and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

Image via Cuteoverload.

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