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January 10, 2012

Morning all 🙂 This feature is a collection of Tutorials and How To’s for those who fancy getting a bit crafty.

Make your own Macarons

Macarons are just sooo pretty and I love popping into the Laduree cafe in Harrods just to look at the rows and rows of multi coloured delights. I don’t actually like eating them (probably just as well) but my husband loves them, so I like to buy them for him – they come in fab boxes and make perfect gifts.

Macarons are apparently quite hard to make, but I have found this great and detailed recipe over on Wedding Chicks, with various flavour options and full instructions.

What you need – icing sugar, almond flour, sugar and eggs – for the macaron. For the filling – please click here for full list of ingredients.

Ruffle Apron Tutorial

If we are going to be getting messy in the kitchen how about making one of these fab ruffle aprons first?! I don’t actually have an apron and love the ruffles on this one, so perfect. This was seen on One More Moore and the tutorial can be found here.

What you need – various chosen fabrics, sewing machine, iron and pins.

What do you think – will you be giving these a go? My husband spied me writing this post, so I now have to make the macarons!

If you have or can make something and would like to show the rest of us how, then please get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely morning and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

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