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January 17, 2012

Morning all. Is it just me enjoying this cold weather?! I love it and am actually a bit disappointed that it is getting warmer today – we have had such a boring mild winter, I would be happy with a bit of snow!

This Delightfully Clever feature is simply a collection of things that are clever!

Light Bulb Vase

This light bulb vase idea looks so pretty (seen on Gypsy Mess) – a very unique and cost effective way of displaying flower heads.

Tea Cup Bird Feeders

I love these vintage tea cups which have been set up to feed the birds (seen on Something Wonderful) – this is just done with fence poles, although you could use any pole that would work. Pretty and clever! Did you see my recent bird post – Look After Your Garden Birds?

Basket Storage 

I think this is a great idea (seen on Hammers & High Heels) – bathrooms can often be short on space and storage, so using space to hang a basket would certainly solve that.

What do you think of today’s clever finds? I am especially loving the tea cup bird feeders – the light bulb is very pretty too!

Have a lovely morning and I shall be back soon 🙂 xx

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