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Too Cute on Halloween

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 🙂

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great weekend and loved the extra hour in bed?! What did you all get up to – anything exciting? Apart from my Sunday trip to Arundel (more about that this afternoon) I also watched Paranormal Activity 2 last night and it was SCARY! Looking forward to seeing the third this week at the cinema!

As you know my first post of the week is always something cute to brighten up your Monday morning and today is no different – except for adding a bit of Halloween to the cuteness!

The super cute kitten pic was seen on Here Be Witches and the piglet filled pumpkin from BBC News.

So, its official… as of today I am now in my thirties! I have decided to just embrace it (!) so no more moaning from me! I will start my embracing with presents – hope my hubby has got something like this in store – I best go and find out!

Have a happy Halloween and I shall be back this afternoon 🙂 xx

Present filled car image via on bluepoolroad.

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