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Wedding Wednesday – Bridal Bouquets

August 24, 2016

Happy Wedding Wednesday! When (not if!) I get married, I would 100% have a peony bouquet. It is my favourite flower and there is just something about a peony that makes me happy! They are usually available in the UK in June and July, so remember that when choosing your date. They can be imported at other times, it would just cost a lot more. Here are a few gorgeous examples of peony bouquets…


1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

Of course not everyone loves peonies as much as I do and so for the rest of you, you have every other flower to choose from! Here are a few fab ideas…


1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5  – 6

So what do you think? Do you have a favourite flower you want to use for your bouquet, or are you just concentrating on colour and letting the florist choose the flowers? If you are not sure, talk to your florist and show her photos of flowers and examples that you like and dislike. Pinterest is a great way to save your pics for wedding planning.

Have a fab Wedding Wednesday and I shall be back soon xx

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